Saturday, November 28, 2009

* Sigh

 Sumetimes , the person that you EXPECT the most is the worst person he/she could ever be . When you're not searching or looking for your soulmate , he just pops out like a worm. And by then , u just knew he's the one ! So , dont start looking  ~! Let faith brought you together .

It might take you a LOOOONGGG  list to get there . Just be patience and move foward ! Learn from your mistakes . Dont judge by the looks , judge by the heart .

Once a cheater always a cheater . I mean if he dares to cheat on his gf with you , dont u think he'll do the same when he's with you ?

Move foward not backwards . If you really REALLY loves your gf/bf , ure commite of stopping the games that u were playing before . Being a CASANOVA aint cool .

Fights and misunderstanding will make your relationship grow stronger and closer . Dont take it as your weakness or defeat . Work on it .

Im grateful i have you sayangg ;DD

Friday, November 27, 2009

Busy busy busy !

This week , my schedule is pack . GRRR and so for the two weeks. Yeay ! No more morning class . ngahahaha . Thanks to Miss rabiha . I really had fun this week

Sunday : went to see Time traveler's wife with fwens and zul .
Monday : hang out after qm ! weeeeeeeeee :DD
Tuesday : interview lynn's mum .karaoke with my fwens ! no class at all ! hallelujah

Wednesday : qm tutorial , then zul comes and pick me up . HEE ;)

Thursday : watch twilight NEW MOON ! saket hati with the ending . GRR

Friday : eiduladha . spent the whole day wacthing muvy .
Saturday : finishing presentation . garh -_-"
Sunday : no plans yetMonday : PP presentation and qm quiz ! haihs

The bar list is out ! Alhamdulilah . i didnt get barred . weeeeeeeee . Sheesh . This tuesday , My mum and my Sister is going to take a treat at AVILLION port dickson . GARH ! sampai hati !
then yesterday they went and watch TWILIGHT without me >.< . this monday pulakk my 2nd sister is going to MANILA for somework . 5th dec my dad is going for outstation to PARIS ! adik tinggal sorang kat rumahhh !!! ;(

30 nov : 2nd sis going to manila
31 nov : My mum n sis went for a small holiday
3 dec : M.S PAPER !!
5 dec : dad going for outstation

sangatlah malang !

p/s: adam ! talk more , dont be shy :)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Zaza Zahar's Suprise Partaay !

Today , at this moment sumeone important i know turn 18 ! Yess , miss ZAZA ZAHAR ! Happy birthday MEGAN FOX =P . She calls herself that . miahahah .
So we plan her a little suprise ! hehe . Woke up early in the morning , get ready and straight go college . Garh , ijad ( sha's fwen) suppose to pick us up to go to lyn's office . DIE TAMAU BANGUNN !!! sooo kena amek shuttle then jalan . heh ! penatt .
Then , we filled in the water balloons ! WUHUUU . stupid balloons asek koyak je ! afta isi we plan ! heeee .we took coddy's car and kapoof when to the park . i have a new nickname which is BUCKET ! mentang2 lah aku dok kat blakang , kena jage bucket penuh ngn water balloons . sungguh kejam ! everytime bump or corner sha jerit ' BUCKEEETT !!! ' . i cam durh , i know lah !
hehe . we hide behind small rock . i told lynn za can see us , lynn cam tak zaaa . batu tuu besaaa ! besa lah sgt . ZAZA ZAHAR nmpk kitaorg nyorok but she pretend like didnt see us ! hahaha . then CHAAAAAAAAAARGEEE , baling tepung n water ! sha was distracting her from seeing us ! haha. lawak lah

kesian die , dahla pakai baju putih ! baru pulak tuuu ! and its raining at that time . memang kaw kaw kena ! haha . naseb baik tade telur j e. tak sampai hati lah kate kaan . later then asyraf , hezly and rasyid datang . lambat gile ! buat saket hati je ngn mereka ! bukannye nk tlg kemaskan the gazebo . i and coddy gak kena pegi the lake and take the water ! sheesh .
but i had fuun ! lame tak mandi hujan , at last dpt gakk we bought her favourite ! ZEBRASSSS . i mean not the animal . a cardigan and scarf with zebra print . sheeeeeeeeeeee LALALOVE it !

p/s : dear , dont be like sha when she turned 19 :P . luv u megan fox !

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bad luck Day .

** Today sangatlah malang . It starts off with over slept morning and have to walk ALLLLL the way to the ktm >.< . stupid stray dogs wanted to bite me but i ran off and save myself . GARH

At the ktm , i realize i didnt bring my TOUCH N GO ! oh daymmm. dahlah duit tinggal ciput je dalam purse . aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa . TEKANAN. Dah smpi bts tade credit puloookk . aduhh . tunggu je la phone tuu berbunyi . huh !

Dah smpi college , tlupe pulak bawak the address tmpt nk shopping . OMG ! sumpah segan gile . ended up walking A BIG ROUND just to find that stupid place ! padahal seberang tmpt parking je . bile dah sampai , the baju i saw online baruuuuuu je kena jual wit the girl yang baruuuuuuuuuu je kuar . DAYMN ! punye lah berharap ! AAAAAAAAAAAA . trus hilang moood

Afta dat , dah okay . then odw blek rumah , inside the ktm ... my phone buat hal !! AAAAAAAAA how am i suppose to go back ? huh , jalan balek lagi ! stupid phone . blek rumah kena marah ngn dad cuz of the phone . i didnt do anything >.<

Supposely tomorrw afta kelas pegi tgk muvy with zul , dah plan awal2 . sekali tak jadiiii . the fwens wanted to go . AAAAAAAAAAAAa . punye lah dah berharap from last week .

Sangat sangat maaaaalaaaaaaaaaaang !

Monday, November 16, 2009

Gwewy Day

Monday blues , daymmmn ! starts off with one cold morning . GRRRR . my butt literally froze off during M.S and ice cube hard by Q.M . For the first time , what TOMIYAM thought just now actually understood-able . miahahhaha

I dont know for what reason , imma BULLY-VICTIM-OF-THE-DAY ! waaaaaaaaaaa . kejam lah korang sakat saye . kesian tau ! i sit kwai kwai eating my meal pun kena , i talk pun kena . heeesh . TEKANAN !

sheeesh . the whole day rain . sejukklaahhh . dah la UCSI bukak aircon smpi temperature tahap BEKU ! been laughing the whole day as usual . tak jumpe markah qm ! where the hell did mr.tomiyam post it !

oh oh new word ! FOON AND SPORK !

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Im baccckkkk ! miss me ?

UUUuuu, i just finished watching gossip girl 3 ! Oh my GUCCI . i fell in love with CHUCK BASS ! he's like a BOOMERANG ! used to be a BADASS boy but now turns into hopelessly devoted lover ! i cant wait till the next episode . wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu . I already got the clone version of chuck . teehee ;DD

shitty , my finals is coming ! and i havent started studying . drools* mampos !

i kind of stop blogging cuz of controversy pops out ! i got blame badly !and it all started by reading my blog ! but Hey ! THIS BLOG shines the light of the ugly truth !

So now , i dont feel guilty anymore ! cuz i just made someone realize bout the other person . miahahhaa . evil gile aku neh . no laaa , at least dpt gak tolong orang eventho kena maki hamun ngn orang yang menipu tuuuu .

Thursday, September 17, 2009

How Did The Chicken *TUT

After it has been SOOOOO long we didnt get a chance to hang out properly , we managed it to do it today ! nyiahahha . We had so much fun !! Oh ya , amad kinda "compose" this new song called HOW DID THE CHICKEN TUT !! OMG , amad u're sooo unbelievable !

U know wut , UCSI got blackout again for the second time for the last two weeks ! It happened during OA lab. Mr. Alan asked us to do some project on the computer . Stupid computer , it hang ! Luckily i brought my super small laptop. Thanks fer sha reminding me to bring . Well its worth the heavy burden ! Okok , while doing the project thingy ... *kapoofff* the electricity went off . Luckily we managed to finish it on time ! Got evaluate instantly . My hands are shaking *grrr *
Well at least he gave us 90% . WOOHOO .

Geramnye akuu , bayar memahal ( ayat baharu) , asek blackout je ! Yeay ! It means WAP class is cancelled i guess . Kinda make that announcement to my self. Im too darn lazy to stick around and wait fer the electricity to come back . Baby come back . Huh. Not gonna happened!

Plusss , the stupid shuttle bus is full ! OVERLOAD ! So sha tumpangkan us . Luckily , pheuw ! Im never gonna get in that bus like FOREVER ! Im gonna mish you guys for a week ! After this we can MAKAN ! nyiahahahha .

p/s: im liking my new hair ! thanks kak jade ((:

Friday, September 11, 2009

You're OH SO Pathetic

** Oh my god. I cant believe i've fallen in love with you before ! You're just another playa that sucks out the heart of people who loved you deeply ! How could you do that kind of thing to her . You told about her to me lotsa lotsa badstuff , but she proof you're wrong . i believed her . i even helped her ! I thought u love her very much and keep blaming me for your incidence with her ! that bullshit man . And now , you broke off with her to be with you cuzin sister . WTH! I dont know you anymore cuz u keep on changing you identity for very person u met ! IM not sorry about the blog thingy becuz i know it wasnt true AT ALL ! You're just another big fat liar ! I hope you're happy rite now because of me you were sooo " miserable " . Thats what you said. You even begged to be with me once.

Oh dengan aku pakai lengan pendek nk sound punye lah cam gorilla tp ur GF baru neh lagi seksi kan ? miniskirt and stuff ? tanak bebel cam ustaz kat die ??! Poyo lah kau !
What kind of boyf accused your girlf "vodoo-ing" you ? That's just so lame ! Thats one of your tactics . i can read it as it shows on you forehead

1. Tell that you're sick and not gonna live long ( blah )
2. Text just to say you vomit blood and dont want ur mother to know
3. Call to say how much you girlf is "using " you
4. Blaming me for the past
5. Yelling cuz im wearing short sleeves and v neck ( poyo je)
6. Blaming me for " vodoo-ing" you ( padahal menipu je tuu , tade pun . kolot sgt)
7. Call me to say how "bad" you did on ur result
8. Call me to say that ure gonna die today ( yasin)
9. Call me to say you took E ( sumpah tipu)
10. Call me just to make me hear your so called " sick " voice
11. Call me to say if i die today bace kan yasin okie ? ( i okie je)
12. Call me and ask me to brake up with my boyf
13. Yelling me cuz didnt wait for him ( i've waited fer him about2 years now)
14. Text me just to say im not good enuff for him
15. Call me just to say how much you regret for letting me go
16. Call me just to say after leaving me , only bad things happened to you

Too much to be written here . Let's just say , its written all over his forehead .

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dummie Burglar

** Its fasting month , durh .At late afternoon today , my neighbours house got robbed . Geez , dont they get stupid enuff ? its fasting month for god sake . They should be begging for forgiveness not make more sins ! They broke into the house thru the window . Apparently the grill at the window is not safe cuz they can cut it . Garh ! The house was upside down . I went and see if my neighbour is okay , well imma good neighbour ( : . later at night around 2 ish , the noise of my house alarm burst till my eye drums can pop ! My house nearly got robbed ! Seriously , im sleepy enuff and who dares to disturb my beauty sleep . My maid heard sume noise just outside her room ! OMG . That's scary . luckily my house has those burgler alarm and stray dogs ! all hail to the stray dogs. And thanks to He for protecting the house . hehehe . House robbery in my place rarely occurs . The police even said it , " Taman sri reko neh jarang ade kes cik " . Well What to do ? Pray to God that you woke up alive the next day . Thank god my room is upstairs, but pity my maid. Since then , mum placed a wisel beside my bed and a hard stick to wack that dude ! Haih , bulan puasa pun ko nak buat keje tekutuk , tak pahamlah .

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Window Washing !

After done my exam business , as usual , i hitchhike shaa to sent me to bts . Lynn followed along ! Sha , stopped at the gas station to pump some gas . She asked me how to use that window washing thingy . so i go and help lahh . They were laughing and snapping pictures ! WALLAWEYH . Well , imma pro ;p .

A Rainy Day

Today my girls planning to study at lynn's house . Ok laa since the next day is business exam. We agreed meeting each other at college around 10.30. Garh . So i set my alarmed 8.00 but my stupid alarm didnt wake me up !! I woke up around 10.30 !! Alamakkk ! Straight away i call lynn , told her i'll be there within one hour. Jeng Jeng Jeng , I arrived at bts within one hour . ngahhahaha .

After picking up jes from college , sha picks me n lynn at lynn's mum's office . ROADTRIP !!! dahla puasa that day , tgk diaorg mkn saba je lah akuu . hmmmm . Okay , here's how the trip went wrong . We decide to leave the house around 3.30 , and we did . As we step out of the house , it started raining HEAVILY !!! DAYMNN !!! . We were soaking wet although using an umbrella , it doesnt works the way it suppose to be !! DAYMNN TWICE ! then , when we got into the car , sha realize her wiper was MISSING !!! DAYMN TRICE !!! . We have to wait for the rain to slow down , and we did ! We transfer the back wiper to the front and CELOTAPE IT ALOT !!! We manage to drive to the nearest workshop but half way , the wiper BROKE !! WALLAAWEY !!

After that , we pick ewan from college cuz he wanted to study probs and stats with me ( ewa, aku tade la terror mane pun ) . We arrived at the office around 5.50 . Lynn's mum is about to close the office . sabaa je lah , puase neh ! then , ewan called haziq to pick me and him from bts . Yeay ! tayah nek tren ! Smpatlah bebuka puasa ngn mama ((: . FUUHH , haziq drive taley bla ! Takuut pun ade but SYIOK . Gotta admit it . he was faaaasstt ! vrooom vrooom . 10 mins dah smpi rumah . Mane taknye , menyelit je keje !.

Jes realized the back window was leaking . SO we had to stuff sume tissue . Poor sha , dahlah wiper hilang , cermin blakang bocor , Ekzos MASUK AIR . poor my sashimi .

well , i had fun that day. Tak terase kelaparan puase ;p

You Let Me Down

** You got black and white busted with me and her . I couldnt believe you would do such massive lies to me . I dont know you anymore . For the past three years ive comfort you were sincere but all those stories u made up,i couldnt believe you anymore . I dont know wether you really love me when we were an item . I thought u're the guy who can be trusted , but i was WRONG , very wrong . you're yelling at me because of ur own fault . People dont lie to their loved ones. They love you for your honesty not some stories you made. Im confused now. I should have believed what my friends said about you when we're still studying at the same school . Im shocked of everything ! I just couldnt believe you lie to me for the past THREE YEARS ! The blog i posted the other day just opened one side of her eyes . You're freaking out cuz the truth is out. Im guiltless cuz what i did was A RITE THING. If not , me and her will be living in a world full of lies. Now, i dont know how much you have lied to me. I cried every night when im with you . You always make me feel im never good enough for you. Maybe the reason you lied is because security and to feel accepted or you dont want people to leave you or you want people to leave you. Everyone is backing me up . I just dont understand , what do you really want out of the lies ?

** dear friends , i really need your advise. What should i do ? Thanks .

Monday, August 10, 2009

Delirious Vortex

This is my A . Im freaking mad at him always have , always been . There's this attitude which ive been hating it forever !! He has no self confidence and always always find the shortest way to solve all of his problems EG: Taking drugs , sleeping pills and cutting himself ( but it was all a lie ! )! For the first few years i can still live up to it , but now it has gone TOO FAR ! It takes me years just to forget him and he still appearing with a plate of troubles and a cup of disaster . After breaking up with him , he ONLY CALLS me when he's about to die , or commit suicide , in an accident or did sumething that i dont like but it was all a lie ! . WTH , god gives u reasons to
live !! why wouldnt u appreciate it ? Im tired of giving you my shoulder , comfortness and advise ! Cuz u're not listening to one of it ! You told me bad things about your girlfriend , but i heard the other way round . For once , dont let your problems take over you , you take over your problems ! Stop running away ~~!! Im tired of your action. Grow up ! I remember the time when u cried regretting for leaving me . And after leaving me , bad things happened to you . U made the decision . I've changed now . Im with zul now , and i love him very much . I thought after you i culdnt find another lover as you , but im wrong I found one . I cant always be there when you need a shoulder to cry on bcuz you're the one who's always do stupid things eventhough ive told you million times . you just couldnt care EVERYONE around you ! Just because of one prob , u dont wanna live . Can you see everyone around you loves you and cares for you ! I just want you to live a normal life , like others . I dont like seeing you in this condition , i know ur strong . it doesnt mean without a girlf in your life you culdnt live . Just have faith in Allah . All these are only test to HIS followers.

ALL this was all lies ! OMG

Unmatured of You

** Your secrets are out and you're still pretending like you did nothing wrong. OMG ~~!!! I couldnt believe you lied to both of us . Telling the other way round to us. What i was saying before was all true. You're the one who's lying to us . u like to make a big deal out of a tiny problem . You just messed with the wrong girl dude ! Im glad i get it straight with her . I finally believed what they've been telling me is all the truth after all. Making excuses and lies doesnt makes u an ideal boyf. People wouldnt love you based on that , honesty is everything . Its okay to be you although its tough being you . How could you say all those things . My feelings towards you just dissappear into thin air * kapoof * ! You can hate me as long as u want , i dont care.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Comuter Mishap Day

I went for my haircut appoinment last saturday and adjudicate to cut my hair short ! Weee . Well my boyf certainly says i look cute in that hair cut and he always fondle with it . Me likeky . Lynn pulak likes to shake my head like a mushroom . Thanks big sis for the hair cut ((:

Okay okay back to main topic . Today was a bad day for me ! I went back with the help of ktm as usual . Its a lil bit pack cuz the train got delayed . Shitty once . The train finally arrived and i went in . I was standing facing the glass. On my right is this one chinese dude and on my left is one malay dude( mamat A ) . In front of that mamat was spacious ennuff for him to stand properly . he was standing facing the other side of the glass . Its like back to back . But he intentionally move his hand behind my back ! shitty twice ! I was like " ISH " so i stand closer to the chinese dude . At serdang station the chinese dude got down . A lot of people got down , so i move further inside cuz of his position ! So uncomfortable !! As i move , he moves too ! Closer and closer to me ! i was like WTH ! There's space and yet ur moving towards me . He looked at his friend and his friend said " Die dah marah tuu " and yet he still moves to me. I gave him that one kind look !! and move further inside till the small door that connects to the other compartment of the train ! I was pissed off and scared at the same time ! I wish my boyf was there ;(( . Luckily kajang is just one station away . And luckily he didnt got off at the same station . Thank god .

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Beau , te amor .

I havent seen my sayangg for quite a long time ! i missed him so much ! LOL . Yesterday we went out to pavii as usual . I went for my haircut while he waited patiently on the couch happily sleeping ! GEEZ . This time i cut it short . Hee . My hairstylist have grown more beautiful each time i went to see her . Thanks kak jade fr the hair cut . Me likeky ! My sayangg said i look adorable in this haircut . He preferred it this rather than long hair . ROLF , feels young again .

After that , we went to the guitar shop on bb . He played the guitar just for me , oh geez . Makes me melt * drool* . I spent the whole day with him. Oh how much i miss his tenderness ! At night , we went and hang at Roof Top . SANGAT BOYAN! Filled with school kids whose tryin to be extra freakin cool . Oh please , grow all of ur body parts and then u can act like one . Then his friends came along . Oh there's this one girl , M ( not a real name) in MMU . She's like Oh My Freaking God . She's supeerrr GEDIXX with a big G . She flirts with my boyf a lot ! She knows zul is no longer available but still !!! Yesterday i kinda invited her to hang with us at roof top . I wanna see how much balls does she has . She showed up but she didnt EVEN stared or shaked my hands . MIAHAHHAHA . after she left , we kinda kutuk her . Miahhahaha . Bad Zaza . Zul was like " dah puas dah tengok mira ? Sayangg i lagi lawa laa and comel pulak tuu ((: " * and he go pulled my hair * GEEZ. Heee , lagi lah tambah sayang kt boyf ! :P
Wednesday 22nd July

after class , me and lynn went to MidValley ! ngahahha . didnt felt like going home to early . At the same day , i wanted to repair my sony ericsson since it went for a swimming inside my bag . Shitty . So we went there , weeee ! LONGING to eat XXL chicken , we finally stuffed our stomach with the chicken . Yummy ! its actually quite big but it got cut into smaller pieces. miahhaha . That day were a day to be marked ! Cuz for the FIRST time , i wore coloured contact lens . My sis was supposed to teach me how to wear it , but she went training for one freakin week ! So i decided to google up the instruction . I wasnt so bad . Ive seen my uncle wore it a thousand times !
After eating , we went SHOPPING !! woot woot . Our eyes turned big and round seeing all those sale signs ! i end up buying shirt and a beanie , while lynn bought a skinny jeans ! Shitty , lynn kinda showed me those jeans but i was too buzy looking around the shop . After we went off and heading back , i kinda regret for not looking when she was telling ! AAAAAAA . Those skinny jeans were purtty !! Walaweyh ! Lynn , i so want that jeans !

Monday, July 20, 2009

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hopelessly Spoiled By a Fond Boyfriend

They're a part of the list.
Things that I miss.
Things like your funny little laugh,
the way you smile or the way we kiss.

What I noticed is this:
I come up with
something new, every single time
that I sit and reminisce.

The way you sweet smell
lingers when you leave a room,
Stories you tell as we lay
in bed all afternoon.

I dreamed you now every night
in my mind is where we meet.
and when I'm awake
staring at pictures of you asleep.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Guitar Heroes ADDICT !

Yesterday , WE all went to KLCC after class. Teehee. After renewed my license and had lunch with my girls, we went to SHA's house to play GH ! Yeay ! I couldnt stop playing ! Sha !! U GOT ME ADDICTED TO THE GAME !!! At first , i kinda sucks . Ye la first time main maa. After that i got used to it ! Yeay ! i wanna play the drums pulakk . like cool only ! i couldnt wait to play it again ! :P . oh yeah , i baked my choc cake yesterday . Seems two thumbs up from them !!

We dont have a name yet .

Monday, July 13, 2009

One Year Anny !

I couldnt believe its been a year we've been together . Seems like yesterday . He's my air to breath it. My sun and my rain. He's the reason for me to live. You thought me so much in life. You brought happiness into my life. You coloured my plain sheets into the most beautiful abstract. I love the way you put a smile on my face when im sad. You always know how to make me laugh eventho im so mad at you. Constantly missing you every second of my loneliness without you. Today is a sad day cuz we couldnt celebrate. " You dont love me the way i love you " ;p . I would be dumb enuff to not have you despite all the words flying around. I know you're a one man woman with no sprinkle of flirtacious. You're all to my own, mine forever. I love the way we share our food and how you always feed me. You're full of suprises. I miss when you lift me up in the air in front of everybody . I miss the way we cuddle at rooftop in front of your friends. I miss how we would on the phone for hours just saying how we miss each other. My day wouldnt be complete without seeing or hearing you. You're my own personal heroin , so addictive i couldnt live without. You're the best damn thing i've ever had. You accept me for who and what i am . You accept my past . I could never find any lover as good as you. Im greatful to have you in my life. You meant the world to me. I know ive done some stupid , irrasional mistakes , im truly amend and im thankful to have you back . I realised no one as good as you. I miss when you forced me to see your mum cuz im too scared but i end up talking behind your back :P . You changed me into a better person . I know how u're jelous sumetimes but i know its cuz you love me. Baby , i love you till the end of my life && after it. You couldnt imagine how much im missing you these days ! I love you so damn much ! Hugs and kisses.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

XXL CHICKEN ( listen is a must ! )

Laugh first then listen okay ?
please hold your laughter after the video
thank you for your cooporation
enjoy , ;)

Its started after lunch where we were bored to death and sneaking into the music room . Sasha is not herself today a bit WACKO on the outside with a dash of unstable emotion . LOL ! that's what you get kids if you dont get enuff sleep. Geez, It came out randomly . Try and listen ((:

Here's the lyrics, follow the rhythem

I'm Hungry and You're Lonely ~
I want my fried chicken that you promised me ~
... Read More
I'm Hungry and You're Lonely ~
Where the hell is my fried chicken ~
where's the extra extra large chicken ~

And then you went and bought for me the chicken that you've promised me but it wasn't square at all honey ~
You bought me back the oval chicken which was like so skinny .. It wasn't my square fried chicken ~

Im hungry and you're lonely ~
where is my fried chicken
where is my square extra extra large fried chicken

I'm hungry .. U'r lonely ~~~~

Where the hell is my ~ fried ~ chicken ~

my extra extra large chicken ~~

Monday, July 6, 2009


we couldnt decide where to eat for our lunch , so we decided DOMINOS PIZZA ! Oh my Geez , ive been craving their bananna kaya dessert and bbq chicken wings for months ! I got it unleash finally , LOL! Since we couldnt find a parking spots ( Damn you bloody cars ) we went to jess house and eat !! We ordered one large and one medium pizza , bananna dessert , bbq chicken wings , onion rings and coke ! Can you imagine four of us eating that ? My stomach felt like bursting ! Well , i was a bit pale cuz of the stupid fever ! dont blame me . I Looked a little bit puffy okay ? Urgh , my eye candy has been stolen by that bitch ! Just makes my day more worse top it up with a WEIRDO DUMBO been pain in my ass ! Stupid guy ! Youre just DIGUSTING IDIOT !!

jess dog was SOOO CUTE ! Feel like kicking him in the butt !

Girls day at the Garden

okay , its been awhile since ive updated . Sorry la , this past few weeks i was sick like almost H1N1 sick . Luckily it didnt get to that level yet . Hee . This pic was taken on last thursday 2nd july 2009. aha . After done with the class , it finished at 10 but mine finishes at 11, we went on a roadtrip ! wee huuu. The roadtrip was going to ukm je. Sha wanted to see the way to ukm. Okay , after that we went to midvalley ! approximately 4 hours to spend our time cuz sha got class at 4. heh . Lynn's like crapping all the way from cheras-ukm-mid cuz she's like " Sorry guys , i always crap when im starving" , LOL . We get you lynn , we're starving too. Sheesh , u guys being such a nagger when i always pee alot. Srry laa , i drank lotsa water . Haiyaa. After done eating , nyum nyum . We went to all over mid and garden . PENATT ! dahla im having my fever , and wearing heels sumore ! lagi laa !!! like my feet almost been ripped off. Well , i couldnt decide between that red or black , sheesh . In the end , both dont have my size !!!

We finally headed home , i mean college . Lols !I miss my girls laaa . Cepat la this fever recover !

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


**this is another guy okay.

you ditch me for my bestfriends . that's one serious jackass man . Only bitches would do those kind of things. you threw our 3 years of friendship over my bestfriend ! thats stupid man , really low . i know im not pretty as her. Im not that stupid la wey. Boohoo you couldnt get her cuz she deserves sumeone much better that you ! Cant you understand she has a fucking boyfriend ? that twice loser man. u messed up with the wrong girl. fyi , i used to like you before you FUCKING ditch our friendship for my friend ! i never thought you're doing such shits. since u keep ignoring all of my msej and stuff only picks up HER CALLS ! like what the fuck ? go and weep to her i sent these. like she cares ! you deserve it all ! take everything , i dont want anything to do with you anymore ! I FUCKING HATE YOU YOU DICKHEAD ! dont mind replying this. like i said , i dont want anything to do with you . EVER ! org nk ckp cara baik buat bodo , this is the only way to get you notice ! Pegi mampos la kau dengan lagu and poems kau uh ! Macam aku layan jew ! FUCK la wey ! Kau kluar senyap2 ngn my bestie , and told her everything about your life. Kau baru je kenal die kut mase time tuuu , yang aku nie ko kenal 3 tahun tanaklak bgtau mcm ko bgtau die ? tak penahlak mention ko ade girlf , kt die ade pulak
! siap nangis kat die bile ko break ngn awek ko. EEE , tak ingin lah aku ade kwn cam kau. Padan muke girlf ko slalu tinggal ko. dah tu nak tehengeh kt bestie aku yg dah lame ngn boyf die. memang taklah. lgpun ko buat type die la wey ! tak reti bahase ke kwn aku da ade boyf, yang ko nk jiwang ngn die uh pahal ! get loss la dickhead. KARMA ! what goes around comes around

** A friend i knew in myspace, we got so attach but he backstab me and ditch me over my bestie. thats a real dickhead !

Let The Cat Out of The Bag

The purpose im writing this is not to start a war but to make things crystal clear and relieved the questions marks marked in my heart. I mean no harm, seriously I dont know what i did wrong or any actions that my harm you unconsiously. Or maybe im just being too paranoid. You've been avoiding me the whole year and giving me these shits excuses over and over again. Well, i certainly know u have friends that is in a relationship just like me , but why me ? why are you kicking me to the curb ?. It's like written all over my face saying you are forbid to be friends to communicate in the tiniest way or a huge mole that's making you distaning yourself
. We've been friends for almost 3 years now. Dont give me those buzy shits , cuz im buzy too. We're just friends rite ? i thought we've made it clear the last time. Nuthing less and nuthing more. Just friends. I miss you as a friend not more than that. Im trying to make things as mature as enuff. If solving this face to face i know that will never happen cuz u'll keep giving me reasons. Its like ive done a hugh mistakes that cant be undo or forgiven. I just need to know the plain black and white truth, no more avoiding or hiding. Its time to let the cat out of the bag or else it might hurt the third party. Dido ?gb

Friday, June 26, 2009

Estranged Video Shoot

Okay fine i didnt update tis blog in awhile .buzy la with exams and assignments . apologize okay ?
Well , this week is an interesting week. I had the opporturnity to watch ESTRANGED shooting their latest vid. Wuhuuu. Suppose to be in there but it was kinda late and had to return home. LOL. Poor them , its freaking hot and they have to do it over and over again . Aahaha RICH is kinda funny. I always laugh when he acts . Comedy kinda runs in his veins. LOL , dahlah shorty like me and then wearing this operation clothes with bed slippers. ROFL. That day i laughed like i never laughed before !!

This is my mate Sasha. Her brother is directing fer ESTRANGED. It was SUPER HOT so we sat in the car . Geez , she made me laugh like hell men ! Too much hilarious moments. There's the car breakdown moment , the phne moment , the divider moment , the HON moment ( thts super funny) , there's the carrefour moment, the Fitting room moment , hehe . LOL , too much i tell you . yeah i know my hair has grown , im gonna cut it . LYNN AND JESS ! you guys miss SOOOOOOO damn much man. That day also i fell the staircase , DAMN you flip flop heels !

the Fitting room moment , OPPS , sorry sha . hehe

After seeing them doing their photoshoot , i went to movies with beha , amar , macha , farid , emy. Err , i didnt expect to see emy there . Sooo shock . like wth . Kinda have issues with him. He started it , i was trying to be nice. Not My fault . wateva . i dont fucking care la . i hate guys let it hanging , like ***** only. The TRANSFORMER was nice , but tooo long . it took about 3 hours to finish , DANG!.

Just now just finished my business exam . It was easy peasy not being a bragger but just memorize from the questions he gave . SWEAT -_-" . Only left two papers to go ! Probability & Statistic and Islamic Studies. Gotta go and computising my brand ! HEE.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Strike 2 ! ( Car Clamp )

Here's the prove
DATE: 22 june 2009
VENUE: Ucsi Parking Lot

Previous week , sha's car got clamped
And today , history repeat it self
Well its not really sha's fault
the person said clearly
its okay to park the reserved parking for today
so she parked lah
suddenly ....
that mamat fault lah ><
Oh ya , dah la tgh tension psl islamic studies punye class
It got canceled LAST MINUTE !!
so ma fan one.
Penat penat datang from far
suddenly cancel
We thought the boys were fooling round
till we get to the class ourself
it was true *sigh*
well we really need those laughters
since the tension of finishing our assignment
which is due todayy.
sha , sha , next time u got clamp
wear shades and cap okay ?
so the uncle wont laugh like just now
oh ya , along said that the UCSI is getting richer
becuz of SHA .

Friday, June 19, 2009

Secret benjamin

As like all the other fridays , i have gap bet 12-4 . afta waiting lynn n jess to finish their OA class , we went to secret recipe ! I ordered the kiddies meal and they ordered lunch set. bahahha since my teeth still ache-ing. Yes sha , GIRLS WILL BREAK YOUR HEART . lols.

its red hot tamale , like it ?

Can you believe they charged us for SERVICE charge and GOV tax ? OMG, their service wasnt that really good also . I got my meal the last one . Sheesh. Aha , friday always full with juicy GOSSIPS. and that friday i got my econs result . Sigh . Friday always been a LONG day . Oh ya , the weirdo guy like suddenly come sit behind us in business . like wth ? where's your clan dear ? he's like " you guys never pay attention to me " bahaha , sissy boy . Ure just too weird and kind of stalker . i know la u like sha , always ask her but hello we all in the same class too. Sumetimes u're just plain scary . Yaya no need to brag off bout your marks . cuz u werent honest at the exam time.

after makan , sha got class . me , lynn and jess dont have class till 4 . okay, we're bored and tired. Blame us la for being tired . We've been in the college since 7 sumething in the morning and have class till late in the evening . Why la they like to do the lecturer in the evening , sleepy laa. Sumemore the aircon not AKON sha , super duper high speed. Sumpah sejuk gile . Cant hold a freakin pencil man ! Oh ya , for the first time business was actually FUN . We watched a movie about this BENJAMIN ZANDER. He's a consultant but at the same time he's a conductor . Cool huh ? He give this talk bout business bla bla bla . he's kind of adorable . lol . like Einsten look. RED ALERT ! RED ALERT ! There's another mid term exam for CS ( Computing Studies) sumewhere in july . NEVER underestimate that subject. It is way more complicated that html codings. the recent chapter was like JAW DROPPING . I kinda understand a bit , but still stress me out ! Yaiks , till here then . gotta msn conference thingy. LOLS

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


today , for the second time i went back with shaa . lynn and jesjes follows too. after done discussing our assignments , we went to the car . Okay , like usual start car then unlock the gear . CHECK AND DONE . Now , it only comes to reversing the car . As sha was about to REVERSE i spoke " Sha , wat is that metal doing so close to your car " ? and she was like " oh shit , dekatnye " . then she went off the car and realized that the car was clamp -_-" . Poor sha but at the same time hillarious , no offence . How come u didnt see the " reserved parking" sign ?!! haha . so me and lynn waited inside the car while sha and jes pay off the clamping fine. Just for that 50 bucks flew like a free bird. Ok , done. Then we have to wait for the guard to unclamp the car . VERYYY LONNGGG i tell you . finally , 30 mins later or so the guard came . So big and strong he unclamp the car . but his face was written " haiyaa ,i was eating laa. Who dare disturb my eating time ! " . we thanked him but his face was a bit furious. Poor guard , no peaceful time to eat :PP

Friday, June 12, 2009


Tonight when the clock strikes 12 i'll be turning into half woman and half girl -_-"
Yes , 13th june is my bday
I dont need an alarm clock to remind me that im getting older and older
Yaiks , sooner or later i have to get married and have kids
I like the feeling of that but it scares the hell out of me
Though the number 18 gives you the license to drink and drunk
but a-ah , im not doing those stuff
See , im not those clubbing ,totally drunk girls
Yes , you get me wrong dear .
So ,im your lost . And im glad to be one
Cuz this Miss Independant has grown up and has better things to do then sucking up yourself
Those who did that kind of things are somehow beenneglected
and imma FULL TIME surrounded by love
18 is a fresh starts when the world give a ring
Mailing that the reality just started and hell lot of responsibilities about to be carried
Geez, i gotta get my priorities straight
Im looking foward to these crinkles life
Like mis Jasmine say , its a LONG RUN
LOL , its econs btw.
I know what the hell but it kinda relates, you'll learn
HAHA . I dont wish for grand or luxuries birthday bash or birthday present
Just a simple one
Surrounded by the ones i LOVE yes , LOVE ones not LOVED ones
As in present , today , not so yesterday
I dont need porche or hummer
Cuz those wont make you any younger and only reminds you OLD AGE
Just a golden ticket making my parents and myself proud of me
And accomplishing those DREAMS ive kept

1.My sayangg Zul
3.My sha shi ci
4. Ida
5. kecik (te-ah)
6. Nazie
7. Alin
8. Lynn
9. Diah
10. Jesjes
11. Naim
12. Penyu
13. Mama
14. Ili
15. Ayah
16. Nabila
17. Am
18. Esya
19. Kinah
100. Beha . ( haha , she wanted to be the last)

Slidering and hands on the Baby Grand piano

Since we got nuthing to from 12-4 , we searched for an empty music room and slidered without anyone noticing . LOL . It's been awhile since we entered the music room from our last CAUGHT . Yaiks. Harhar , never get tired of them chasing us around. The one playing the piano is Jesjes , the pink punjabi suit is sasha , the purple tudung is lynn and elyna behind the scene . lol . i know our voice arent that angelic and innocent but hey that's no reason for you to critize . And oh yea , LYYN ! At last we figured those two are OFFICIALLY GAY ! hahaha .

Nah , listen to this . Dont judge a book by its cover . if you like it , just smile or say sumething , if dont just shut the f* up . bahahha . ( ADAM's style)

11 STRAIGHT months

Aha , it started with a hesitation decision but ended with evergreen answer. Seriously , we never expect to be a serious one but hey it is :P . Although we've been thru all the ups and all the downs but we still managed to pull it together , thanks for being so understanding. Well , that's the spices that makes your relationship last long and never die out of boredom. Sorry if ive been such a pain in the ass but you still love me right ? Hee . Lately after the "incident" which im really sorry , we couldnt stay apart . Bahahaha . ... to be continued ( IM IN CLASS . LOLS )

Monday, June 8, 2009

part time babysitter (:

As the school holidays started , my job begins . Taking care of my baby cuzin while he's staying at my house . Weee . What i like the most bout him is when he's angry or he's crying , ill sing twinkle twinkle little star and he immediately stop , LITERALLY ! wahahha . I always feed him over and over again . He ism soo cute . Feel like kicking him in the butt . haha . Tak sabar nak anak , WHOOPS . ;D . His birthday is the same as my dad which is 13th july but 50 years different ! Seriously . He's my new fav cousin . ahahaha . Sumpah geram dgn die

Oh , did i tell you that he likes to chase his own shadows ? how can he be any cuter that than ! Ahah , he'll get confused with his own shadows and started to step on it or run until the shadows are gone ! Can u see his oversize head ? Ahaha , that what makes him heavy but that doesnt change the fact that he's SUPER CUTE ! Oh , he's a water freak ! If we take him to the swimming pool , he'll try and drink the water from his float ! haiyaa , this kid aa . And then when its time to go home , he'll be crying his heart out because we took him out of the pool ! Sheesh . I had fun with him . hehe

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Like every other fridays , we wore bju kurung instead of mini dress like the ADAM's family . thats what we labelled them . Teehee . But saje change the clothing theme . Instead , they all wore checkers and im the only one wearing blue mini dress . Jahat la korang !!! * dish dish* . bahaha . Friday is the MOOOST longest time ive spent at the college , like 8-6. shitty tol . but what to do , gotta get thru it. Tak elok ponteng like SASHA said . sheesh , me and jes didnt wanna go to the computing studies morning class like 8 cuz the its only pre-test which we did yesterday and he CLEARLY said , its okay if u dont wanna come tomorrw . but we did , and he say only "unintelligent" people came . sweat . we came to gain MORE knowlegde . haha . well , i kinda eat A LOT that day . 6.20: left overs nasi goreng kampung , 9.30: nasi goreng and hotdog and vitagen , 12.30 : Big Mac regular , 4.00: waffles , 6.15: nugget. Aha , im hungry laaa guys . Cody was like Im more bigger than you eat chicken dulaxe pun dah kenyang , you eat big mac tak kenyang kenyang ? like wth ? . HEHE . What to do , im an eater :PP . Of course la lapa , from 1.30-3.30 we were laughing like hell !! how am i not suppose to get hungry ? gagagaga . Well , like usual during lecture we pass notes , gossip about hurm ... EVERYTHING ? hehe . sorry , but thats the ONLY way to make us AWAKE . To liyana , jes and sasha ! stop calling me FLUSHIE ! garh , i dont pee every 5 minutes . SHEESH . It was cold !! hahaah . At the same day , my aunty and my baby cuzin came . Weehee . I miss that little fella .