Saturday, November 28, 2009

* Sigh

 Sumetimes , the person that you EXPECT the most is the worst person he/she could ever be . When you're not searching or looking for your soulmate , he just pops out like a worm. And by then , u just knew he's the one ! So , dont start looking  ~! Let faith brought you together .

It might take you a LOOOONGGG  list to get there . Just be patience and move foward ! Learn from your mistakes . Dont judge by the looks , judge by the heart .

Once a cheater always a cheater . I mean if he dares to cheat on his gf with you , dont u think he'll do the same when he's with you ?

Move foward not backwards . If you really REALLY loves your gf/bf , ure commite of stopping the games that u were playing before . Being a CASANOVA aint cool .

Fights and misunderstanding will make your relationship grow stronger and closer . Dont take it as your weakness or defeat . Work on it .

Im grateful i have you sayangg ;DD

Friday, November 27, 2009

Busy busy busy !

This week , my schedule is pack . GRRR and so for the two weeks. Yeay ! No more morning class . ngahahaha . Thanks to Miss rabiha . I really had fun this week

Sunday : went to see Time traveler's wife with fwens and zul .
Monday : hang out after qm ! weeeeeeeeee :DD
Tuesday : interview lynn's mum .karaoke with my fwens ! no class at all ! hallelujah

Wednesday : qm tutorial , then zul comes and pick me up . HEE ;)

Thursday : watch twilight NEW MOON ! saket hati with the ending . GRR

Friday : eiduladha . spent the whole day wacthing muvy .
Saturday : finishing presentation . garh -_-"
Sunday : no plans yetMonday : PP presentation and qm quiz ! haihs

The bar list is out ! Alhamdulilah . i didnt get barred . weeeeeeeee . Sheesh . This tuesday , My mum and my Sister is going to take a treat at AVILLION port dickson . GARH ! sampai hati !
then yesterday they went and watch TWILIGHT without me >.< . this monday pulakk my 2nd sister is going to MANILA for somework . 5th dec my dad is going for outstation to PARIS ! adik tinggal sorang kat rumahhh !!! ;(

30 nov : 2nd sis going to manila
31 nov : My mum n sis went for a small holiday
3 dec : M.S PAPER !!
5 dec : dad going for outstation

sangatlah malang !

p/s: adam ! talk more , dont be shy :)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Zaza Zahar's Suprise Partaay !

Today , at this moment sumeone important i know turn 18 ! Yess , miss ZAZA ZAHAR ! Happy birthday MEGAN FOX =P . She calls herself that . miahahah .
So we plan her a little suprise ! hehe . Woke up early in the morning , get ready and straight go college . Garh , ijad ( sha's fwen) suppose to pick us up to go to lyn's office . DIE TAMAU BANGUNN !!! sooo kena amek shuttle then jalan . heh ! penatt .
Then , we filled in the water balloons ! WUHUUU . stupid balloons asek koyak je ! afta isi we plan ! heeee .we took coddy's car and kapoof when to the park . i have a new nickname which is BUCKET ! mentang2 lah aku dok kat blakang , kena jage bucket penuh ngn water balloons . sungguh kejam ! everytime bump or corner sha jerit ' BUCKEEETT !!! ' . i cam durh , i know lah !
hehe . we hide behind small rock . i told lynn za can see us , lynn cam tak zaaa . batu tuu besaaa ! besa lah sgt . ZAZA ZAHAR nmpk kitaorg nyorok but she pretend like didnt see us ! hahaha . then CHAAAAAAAAAARGEEE , baling tepung n water ! sha was distracting her from seeing us ! haha. lawak lah

kesian die , dahla pakai baju putih ! baru pulak tuuu ! and its raining at that time . memang kaw kaw kena ! haha . naseb baik tade telur j e. tak sampai hati lah kate kaan . later then asyraf , hezly and rasyid datang . lambat gile ! buat saket hati je ngn mereka ! bukannye nk tlg kemaskan the gazebo . i and coddy gak kena pegi the lake and take the water ! sheesh .
but i had fuun ! lame tak mandi hujan , at last dpt gakk we bought her favourite ! ZEBRASSSS . i mean not the animal . a cardigan and scarf with zebra print . sheeeeeeeeeeee LALALOVE it !

p/s : dear , dont be like sha when she turned 19 :P . luv u megan fox !

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bad luck Day .

** Today sangatlah malang . It starts off with over slept morning and have to walk ALLLLL the way to the ktm >.< . stupid stray dogs wanted to bite me but i ran off and save myself . GARH

At the ktm , i realize i didnt bring my TOUCH N GO ! oh daymmm. dahlah duit tinggal ciput je dalam purse . aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa . TEKANAN. Dah smpi bts tade credit puloookk . aduhh . tunggu je la phone tuu berbunyi . huh !

Dah smpi college , tlupe pulak bawak the address tmpt nk shopping . OMG ! sumpah segan gile . ended up walking A BIG ROUND just to find that stupid place ! padahal seberang tmpt parking je . bile dah sampai , the baju i saw online baruuuuuu je kena jual wit the girl yang baruuuuuuuuuu je kuar . DAYMN ! punye lah berharap ! AAAAAAAAAAAA . trus hilang moood

Afta dat , dah okay . then odw blek rumah , inside the ktm ... my phone buat hal !! AAAAAAAAA how am i suppose to go back ? huh , jalan balek lagi ! stupid phone . blek rumah kena marah ngn dad cuz of the phone . i didnt do anything >.<

Supposely tomorrw afta kelas pegi tgk muvy with zul , dah plan awal2 . sekali tak jadiiii . the fwens wanted to go . AAAAAAAAAAAAa . punye lah dah berharap from last week .

Sangat sangat maaaaalaaaaaaaaaaang !

Monday, November 16, 2009

Gwewy Day

Monday blues , daymmmn ! starts off with one cold morning . GRRRR . my butt literally froze off during M.S and ice cube hard by Q.M . For the first time , what TOMIYAM thought just now actually understood-able . miahahhaha

I dont know for what reason , imma BULLY-VICTIM-OF-THE-DAY ! waaaaaaaaaaa . kejam lah korang sakat saye . kesian tau ! i sit kwai kwai eating my meal pun kena , i talk pun kena . heeesh . TEKANAN !

sheeesh . the whole day rain . sejukklaahhh . dah la UCSI bukak aircon smpi temperature tahap BEKU ! been laughing the whole day as usual . tak jumpe markah qm ! where the hell did mr.tomiyam post it !

oh oh new word ! FOON AND SPORK !

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Im baccckkkk ! miss me ?

UUUuuu, i just finished watching gossip girl 3 ! Oh my GUCCI . i fell in love with CHUCK BASS ! he's like a BOOMERANG ! used to be a BADASS boy but now turns into hopelessly devoted lover ! i cant wait till the next episode . wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu . I already got the clone version of chuck . teehee ;DD

shitty , my finals is coming ! and i havent started studying . drools* mampos !

i kind of stop blogging cuz of controversy pops out ! i got blame badly !and it all started by reading my blog ! but Hey ! THIS BLOG shines the light of the ugly truth !

So now , i dont feel guilty anymore ! cuz i just made someone realize bout the other person . miahahhaa . evil gile aku neh . no laaa , at least dpt gak tolong orang eventho kena maki hamun ngn orang yang menipu tuuuu .

Thursday, September 17, 2009

How Did The Chicken *TUT

After it has been SOOOOO long we didnt get a chance to hang out properly , we managed it to do it today ! nyiahahha . We had so much fun !! Oh ya , amad kinda "compose" this new song called HOW DID THE CHICKEN TUT !! OMG , amad u're sooo unbelievable !

U know wut , UCSI got blackout again for the second time for the last two weeks ! It happened during OA lab. Mr. Alan asked us to do some project on the computer . Stupid computer , it hang ! Luckily i brought my super small laptop. Thanks fer sha reminding me to bring . Well its worth the heavy burden ! Okok , while doing the project thingy ... *kapoofff* the electricity went off . Luckily we managed to finish it on time ! Got evaluate instantly . My hands are shaking *grrr *
Well at least he gave us 90% . WOOHOO .

Geramnye akuu , bayar memahal ( ayat baharu) , asek blackout je ! Yeay ! It means WAP class is cancelled i guess . Kinda make that announcement to my self. Im too darn lazy to stick around and wait fer the electricity to come back . Baby come back . Huh. Not gonna happened!

Plusss , the stupid shuttle bus is full ! OVERLOAD ! So sha tumpangkan us . Luckily , pheuw ! Im never gonna get in that bus like FOREVER ! Im gonna mish you guys for a week ! After this we can MAKAN ! nyiahahahha .

p/s: im liking my new hair ! thanks kak jade ((: