Monday, July 27, 2009

Comuter Mishap Day

I went for my haircut appoinment last saturday and adjudicate to cut my hair short ! Weee . Well my boyf certainly says i look cute in that hair cut and he always fondle with it . Me likeky . Lynn pulak likes to shake my head like a mushroom . Thanks big sis for the hair cut ((:

Okay okay back to main topic . Today was a bad day for me ! I went back with the help of ktm as usual . Its a lil bit pack cuz the train got delayed . Shitty once . The train finally arrived and i went in . I was standing facing the glass. On my right is this one chinese dude and on my left is one malay dude( mamat A ) . In front of that mamat was spacious ennuff for him to stand properly . he was standing facing the other side of the glass . Its like back to back . But he intentionally move his hand behind my back ! shitty twice ! I was like " ISH " so i stand closer to the chinese dude . At serdang station the chinese dude got down . A lot of people got down , so i move further inside cuz of his position ! So uncomfortable !! As i move , he moves too ! Closer and closer to me ! i was like WTH ! There's space and yet ur moving towards me . He looked at his friend and his friend said " Die dah marah tuu " and yet he still moves to me. I gave him that one kind look !! and move further inside till the small door that connects to the other compartment of the train ! I was pissed off and scared at the same time ! I wish my boyf was there ;(( . Luckily kajang is just one station away . And luckily he didnt got off at the same station . Thank god .

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Beau , te amor .

I havent seen my sayangg for quite a long time ! i missed him so much ! LOL . Yesterday we went out to pavii as usual . I went for my haircut while he waited patiently on the couch happily sleeping ! GEEZ . This time i cut it short . Hee . My hairstylist have grown more beautiful each time i went to see her . Thanks kak jade fr the hair cut . Me likeky ! My sayangg said i look adorable in this haircut . He preferred it this rather than long hair . ROLF , feels young again .

After that , we went to the guitar shop on bb . He played the guitar just for me , oh geez . Makes me melt * drool* . I spent the whole day with him. Oh how much i miss his tenderness ! At night , we went and hang at Roof Top . SANGAT BOYAN! Filled with school kids whose tryin to be extra freakin cool . Oh please , grow all of ur body parts and then u can act like one . Then his friends came along . Oh there's this one girl , M ( not a real name) in MMU . She's like Oh My Freaking God . She's supeerrr GEDIXX with a big G . She flirts with my boyf a lot ! She knows zul is no longer available but still !!! Yesterday i kinda invited her to hang with us at roof top . I wanna see how much balls does she has . She showed up but she didnt EVEN stared or shaked my hands . MIAHAHHAHA . after she left , we kinda kutuk her . Miahhahaha . Bad Zaza . Zul was like " dah puas dah tengok mira ? Sayangg i lagi lawa laa and comel pulak tuu ((: " * and he go pulled my hair * GEEZ. Heee , lagi lah tambah sayang kt boyf ! :P
Wednesday 22nd July

after class , me and lynn went to MidValley ! ngahahha . didnt felt like going home to early . At the same day , i wanted to repair my sony ericsson since it went for a swimming inside my bag . Shitty . So we went there , weeee ! LONGING to eat XXL chicken , we finally stuffed our stomach with the chicken . Yummy ! its actually quite big but it got cut into smaller pieces. miahhaha . That day were a day to be marked ! Cuz for the FIRST time , i wore coloured contact lens . My sis was supposed to teach me how to wear it , but she went training for one freakin week ! So i decided to google up the instruction . I wasnt so bad . Ive seen my uncle wore it a thousand times !
After eating , we went SHOPPING !! woot woot . Our eyes turned big and round seeing all those sale signs ! i end up buying shirt and a beanie , while lynn bought a skinny jeans ! Shitty , lynn kinda showed me those jeans but i was too buzy looking around the shop . After we went off and heading back , i kinda regret for not looking when she was telling ! AAAAAAA . Those skinny jeans were purtty !! Walaweyh ! Lynn , i so want that jeans !

Monday, July 20, 2009

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hopelessly Spoiled By a Fond Boyfriend

They're a part of the list.
Things that I miss.
Things like your funny little laugh,
the way you smile or the way we kiss.

What I noticed is this:
I come up with
something new, every single time
that I sit and reminisce.

The way you sweet smell
lingers when you leave a room,
Stories you tell as we lay
in bed all afternoon.

I dreamed you now every night
in my mind is where we meet.
and when I'm awake
staring at pictures of you asleep.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Guitar Heroes ADDICT !

Yesterday , WE all went to KLCC after class. Teehee. After renewed my license and had lunch with my girls, we went to SHA's house to play GH ! Yeay ! I couldnt stop playing ! Sha !! U GOT ME ADDICTED TO THE GAME !!! At first , i kinda sucks . Ye la first time main maa. After that i got used to it ! Yeay ! i wanna play the drums pulakk . like cool only ! i couldnt wait to play it again ! :P . oh yeah , i baked my choc cake yesterday . Seems two thumbs up from them !!

We dont have a name yet .

Monday, July 13, 2009

One Year Anny !

I couldnt believe its been a year we've been together . Seems like yesterday . He's my air to breath it. My sun and my rain. He's the reason for me to live. You thought me so much in life. You brought happiness into my life. You coloured my plain sheets into the most beautiful abstract. I love the way you put a smile on my face when im sad. You always know how to make me laugh eventho im so mad at you. Constantly missing you every second of my loneliness without you. Today is a sad day cuz we couldnt celebrate. " You dont love me the way i love you " ;p . I would be dumb enuff to not have you despite all the words flying around. I know you're a one man woman with no sprinkle of flirtacious. You're all to my own, mine forever. I love the way we share our food and how you always feed me. You're full of suprises. I miss when you lift me up in the air in front of everybody . I miss the way we cuddle at rooftop in front of your friends. I miss how we would on the phone for hours just saying how we miss each other. My day wouldnt be complete without seeing or hearing you. You're my own personal heroin , so addictive i couldnt live without. You're the best damn thing i've ever had. You accept me for who and what i am . You accept my past . I could never find any lover as good as you. Im greatful to have you in my life. You meant the world to me. I know ive done some stupid , irrasional mistakes , im truly amend and im thankful to have you back . I realised no one as good as you. I miss when you forced me to see your mum cuz im too scared but i end up talking behind your back :P . You changed me into a better person . I know how u're jelous sumetimes but i know its cuz you love me. Baby , i love you till the end of my life && after it. You couldnt imagine how much im missing you these days ! I love you so damn much ! Hugs and kisses.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

XXL CHICKEN ( listen is a must ! )

Laugh first then listen okay ?
please hold your laughter after the video
thank you for your cooporation
enjoy , ;)

Its started after lunch where we were bored to death and sneaking into the music room . Sasha is not herself today a bit WACKO on the outside with a dash of unstable emotion . LOL ! that's what you get kids if you dont get enuff sleep. Geez, It came out randomly . Try and listen ((:

Here's the lyrics, follow the rhythem

I'm Hungry and You're Lonely ~
I want my fried chicken that you promised me ~
... Read More
I'm Hungry and You're Lonely ~
Where the hell is my fried chicken ~
where's the extra extra large chicken ~

And then you went and bought for me the chicken that you've promised me but it wasn't square at all honey ~
You bought me back the oval chicken which was like so skinny .. It wasn't my square fried chicken ~

Im hungry and you're lonely ~
where is my fried chicken
where is my square extra extra large fried chicken

I'm hungry .. U'r lonely ~~~~

Where the hell is my ~ fried ~ chicken ~

my extra extra large chicken ~~

Monday, July 6, 2009


we couldnt decide where to eat for our lunch , so we decided DOMINOS PIZZA ! Oh my Geez , ive been craving their bananna kaya dessert and bbq chicken wings for months ! I got it unleash finally , LOL! Since we couldnt find a parking spots ( Damn you bloody cars ) we went to jess house and eat !! We ordered one large and one medium pizza , bananna dessert , bbq chicken wings , onion rings and coke ! Can you imagine four of us eating that ? My stomach felt like bursting ! Well , i was a bit pale cuz of the stupid fever ! dont blame me . I Looked a little bit puffy okay ? Urgh , my eye candy has been stolen by that bitch ! Just makes my day more worse top it up with a WEIRDO DUMBO been pain in my ass ! Stupid guy ! Youre just DIGUSTING IDIOT !!

jess dog was SOOO CUTE ! Feel like kicking him in the butt !

Girls day at the Garden

okay , its been awhile since ive updated . Sorry la , this past few weeks i was sick like almost H1N1 sick . Luckily it didnt get to that level yet . Hee . This pic was taken on last thursday 2nd july 2009. aha . After done with the class , it finished at 10 but mine finishes at 11, we went on a roadtrip ! wee huuu. The roadtrip was going to ukm je. Sha wanted to see the way to ukm. Okay , after that we went to midvalley ! approximately 4 hours to spend our time cuz sha got class at 4. heh . Lynn's like crapping all the way from cheras-ukm-mid cuz she's like " Sorry guys , i always crap when im starving" , LOL . We get you lynn , we're starving too. Sheesh , u guys being such a nagger when i always pee alot. Srry laa , i drank lotsa water . Haiyaa. After done eating , nyum nyum . We went to all over mid and garden . PENATT ! dahla im having my fever , and wearing heels sumore ! lagi laa !!! like my feet almost been ripped off. Well , i couldnt decide between that red or black , sheesh . In the end , both dont have my size !!!

We finally headed home , i mean college . Lols !I miss my girls laaa . Cepat la this fever recover !