Monday, November 16, 2009

Gwewy Day

Monday blues , daymmmn ! starts off with one cold morning . GRRRR . my butt literally froze off during M.S and ice cube hard by Q.M . For the first time , what TOMIYAM thought just now actually understood-able . miahahhaha

I dont know for what reason , imma BULLY-VICTIM-OF-THE-DAY ! waaaaaaaaaaa . kejam lah korang sakat saye . kesian tau ! i sit kwai kwai eating my meal pun kena , i talk pun kena . heeesh . TEKANAN !

sheeesh . the whole day rain . sejukklaahhh . dah la UCSI bukak aircon smpi temperature tahap BEKU ! been laughing the whole day as usual . tak jumpe markah qm ! where the hell did mr.tomiyam post it !

oh oh new word ! FOON AND SPORK !

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