Thursday, September 17, 2009

How Did The Chicken *TUT

After it has been SOOOOO long we didnt get a chance to hang out properly , we managed it to do it today ! nyiahahha . We had so much fun !! Oh ya , amad kinda "compose" this new song called HOW DID THE CHICKEN TUT !! OMG , amad u're sooo unbelievable !

U know wut , UCSI got blackout again for the second time for the last two weeks ! It happened during OA lab. Mr. Alan asked us to do some project on the computer . Stupid computer , it hang ! Luckily i brought my super small laptop. Thanks fer sha reminding me to bring . Well its worth the heavy burden ! Okok , while doing the project thingy ... *kapoofff* the electricity went off . Luckily we managed to finish it on time ! Got evaluate instantly . My hands are shaking *grrr *
Well at least he gave us 90% . WOOHOO .

Geramnye akuu , bayar memahal ( ayat baharu) , asek blackout je ! Yeay ! It means WAP class is cancelled i guess . Kinda make that announcement to my self. Im too darn lazy to stick around and wait fer the electricity to come back . Baby come back . Huh. Not gonna happened!

Plusss , the stupid shuttle bus is full ! OVERLOAD ! So sha tumpangkan us . Luckily , pheuw ! Im never gonna get in that bus like FOREVER ! Im gonna mish you guys for a week ! After this we can MAKAN ! nyiahahahha .

p/s: im liking my new hair ! thanks kak jade ((:

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