Saturday, November 28, 2009

* Sigh

 Sumetimes , the person that you EXPECT the most is the worst person he/she could ever be . When you're not searching or looking for your soulmate , he just pops out like a worm. And by then , u just knew he's the one ! So , dont start looking  ~! Let faith brought you together .

It might take you a LOOOONGGG  list to get there . Just be patience and move foward ! Learn from your mistakes . Dont judge by the looks , judge by the heart .

Once a cheater always a cheater . I mean if he dares to cheat on his gf with you , dont u think he'll do the same when he's with you ?

Move foward not backwards . If you really REALLY loves your gf/bf , ure commite of stopping the games that u were playing before . Being a CASANOVA aint cool .

Fights and misunderstanding will make your relationship grow stronger and closer . Dont take it as your weakness or defeat . Work on it .

Im grateful i have you sayangg ;DD

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