Thursday, September 17, 2009

How Did The Chicken *TUT

After it has been SOOOOO long we didnt get a chance to hang out properly , we managed it to do it today ! nyiahahha . We had so much fun !! Oh ya , amad kinda "compose" this new song called HOW DID THE CHICKEN TUT !! OMG , amad u're sooo unbelievable !

U know wut , UCSI got blackout again for the second time for the last two weeks ! It happened during OA lab. Mr. Alan asked us to do some project on the computer . Stupid computer , it hang ! Luckily i brought my super small laptop. Thanks fer sha reminding me to bring . Well its worth the heavy burden ! Okok , while doing the project thingy ... *kapoofff* the electricity went off . Luckily we managed to finish it on time ! Got evaluate instantly . My hands are shaking *grrr *
Well at least he gave us 90% . WOOHOO .

Geramnye akuu , bayar memahal ( ayat baharu) , asek blackout je ! Yeay ! It means WAP class is cancelled i guess . Kinda make that announcement to my self. Im too darn lazy to stick around and wait fer the electricity to come back . Baby come back . Huh. Not gonna happened!

Plusss , the stupid shuttle bus is full ! OVERLOAD ! So sha tumpangkan us . Luckily , pheuw ! Im never gonna get in that bus like FOREVER ! Im gonna mish you guys for a week ! After this we can MAKAN ! nyiahahahha .

p/s: im liking my new hair ! thanks kak jade ((:

Friday, September 11, 2009

You're OH SO Pathetic

** Oh my god. I cant believe i've fallen in love with you before ! You're just another playa that sucks out the heart of people who loved you deeply ! How could you do that kind of thing to her . You told about her to me lotsa lotsa badstuff , but she proof you're wrong . i believed her . i even helped her ! I thought u love her very much and keep blaming me for your incidence with her ! that bullshit man . And now , you broke off with her to be with you cuzin sister . WTH! I dont know you anymore cuz u keep on changing you identity for very person u met ! IM not sorry about the blog thingy becuz i know it wasnt true AT ALL ! You're just another big fat liar ! I hope you're happy rite now because of me you were sooo " miserable " . Thats what you said. You even begged to be with me once.

Oh dengan aku pakai lengan pendek nk sound punye lah cam gorilla tp ur GF baru neh lagi seksi kan ? miniskirt and stuff ? tanak bebel cam ustaz kat die ??! Poyo lah kau !
What kind of boyf accused your girlf "vodoo-ing" you ? That's just so lame ! Thats one of your tactics . i can read it as it shows on you forehead

1. Tell that you're sick and not gonna live long ( blah )
2. Text just to say you vomit blood and dont want ur mother to know
3. Call to say how much you girlf is "using " you
4. Blaming me for the past
5. Yelling cuz im wearing short sleeves and v neck ( poyo je)
6. Blaming me for " vodoo-ing" you ( padahal menipu je tuu , tade pun . kolot sgt)
7. Call me to say how "bad" you did on ur result
8. Call me to say that ure gonna die today ( yasin)
9. Call me to say you took E ( sumpah tipu)
10. Call me just to make me hear your so called " sick " voice
11. Call me to say if i die today bace kan yasin okie ? ( i okie je)
12. Call me and ask me to brake up with my boyf
13. Yelling me cuz didnt wait for him ( i've waited fer him about2 years now)
14. Text me just to say im not good enuff for him
15. Call me just to say how much you regret for letting me go
16. Call me just to say after leaving me , only bad things happened to you

Too much to be written here . Let's just say , its written all over his forehead .