Friday, April 24, 2009

Take a bow cuz im done.

after all these years ive waited for you

after all these years ive cared for you

after all these years of changes

you never see all those things

all you saw is the dark side

and how could you say those words

goddamn ive waited and waited

all those lies about ur gf 

and how i couldnt move on

how stupid am i waiting for u

how stupid i was believing all those words you said

to whom did u go when u had a fight wit ur gf

to whom did u go when u were sick

who took care of you all this while

who always calms you down when ure stressed out ?

who always give you advice on everything ?

making you feel better 

everytime i lift you up?

still , never good enough

i know im not dressed according to the religion

but im still a teenagers who explores things

maybe wild at certain

but if i follow the rules without my heart says yes

it wont go, just wont go

let me do my sins

cuz i know when to come back to reality

i dont deserve anybody 

im done with falling in love

and im tired of waiting for you 

ure owned by sumeone now

im tired being im love with sumeone who loves my body instead my heart.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


 Venue: La Bodega , bangsar .

after an afternoon of shopping , sis n i hit la bodega to meet with her fwens .

and of course , MAKAN !! nyum nyum

what do you expect ? penat taw shopping

must replenish my energy

hahaha , afta makan2 then borak2

we're stuck there cuz it started to rain

then kakak pegi amek uno card

bahaha , its been ages

so main lah ! 

shit , kakak kuar dlu , daymn u !

its waas fun ((:

thanks kakak , its been awhile since the last time we go out

Monday, April 13, 2009


finally kluar dr hutan jap
seriously cam jakun gilee
heee , i miss my girls 
itsbeen a while since i havent seem them
this is half than the total okayyy
wee , we  laugh till we drop
i really need it at that time
poor beha , she was driving 
and we were disturbing her
heh , penyu jgn mrajuk dah 
oi kawan bile nk ronggeng ag ?
drif t drift


fo shiz ,it wasnt so badla. first first mcm AAAa ceruk mane die campak aku neh ! fuck fuck. it was so ceruk that when u step a foot outside the gate , ade kandang lembu ! pheuw , the smell stinks ! it was a bit depressing , then i make some friends. it turn out we really have chemical bonds. well other mates from the same school but not the same place was being stuck up like they're so intelligent . blargh . we dont judge by that . we always kutuk the boys , the boys allergic to the girls . bile nmpk pompuan konek gatal . haha . same ngn this teacher name Ck.Rashid. OMG !! he is the super pevert old man ! ko dah tua uh sedar la diri . dahla pki gigi palsu tapi tak gosok . hahaha. the JL ( jurulatih) wasnt so bad , they're nice actually  in fact friendly  cume time tgh nyamok tuu tak friendly . huh kne bebel . we were taught this concept " satu buat salah , smua kena" mmg bengang lah . sebab slalu budak laki je buat hal ! huh . JL laki smua on the girls side sbb pompuan tak buat hal . hahaha .i learn a lot during CB class ( Character Building). banyak gile la gakk. kelas lain smua tade la sgt .haha . slalu cari alasan nk escape kawad . hehe . pegi kat medic konon buat sakit , dptlah mc . hee . tapi kayak , khidmat masyarakat, flying fox, menembak was THE BEST ! if tak buat tuu tak rase cm plkn . although accomodities die cam sucks gile , nie buruk , nie tak cukup , nie tak diluluskan . ahaha . and here was my first time IV drop . buduh , saket perut aku di buatnye . rase cm nk lari bile die nk cucuk . tapi best , buley tido the whole day . haha . kat sane kna light off by 11.30 and woke up at 5 . yaiks . mule2 smgt bgn kul 4.30 lame lame bgn lmbt .haa .last day sedey oh . afta tis tade nk lumbe lumbe mkn cuz mlas nk brator basuh pinggan , tade nk berebut amek nasi . haha . oh inside our toilet ade this kolah . we turn it into our private swimming pool . ahahha . syiok seyh ! well ,tak rugi mane pun duk plkn drpd duk umah buat nuthing , at least kt sne korang ade activity and have fun