Tuesday, June 30, 2009


**this is another guy okay.

you ditch me for my bestfriends . that's one serious jackass man . Only bitches would do those kind of things. you threw our 3 years of friendship over my bestfriend ! thats stupid man , really low . i know im not pretty as her. Im not that stupid la wey. Boohoo you couldnt get her cuz she deserves sumeone much better that you ! Cant you understand she has a fucking boyfriend ? that twice loser man. u messed up with the wrong girl. fyi , i used to like you before you FUCKING ditch our friendship for my friend ! i never thought you're doing such shits. since u keep ignoring all of my msej and stuff only picks up HER CALLS ! like what the fuck ? go and weep to her i sent these. like she cares ! you deserve it all ! take everything , i dont want anything to do with you anymore ! I FUCKING HATE YOU YOU DICKHEAD ! dont mind replying this. like i said , i dont want anything to do with you . EVER ! org nk ckp cara baik buat bodo , this is the only way to get you notice ! Pegi mampos la kau dengan lagu and poems kau uh ! Macam aku layan jew ! FUCK la wey ! Kau kluar senyap2 ngn my bestie , and told her everything about your life. Kau baru je kenal die kut mase time tuuu , yang aku nie ko kenal 3 tahun tanaklak bgtau mcm ko bgtau die ? tak penahlak mention ko ade girlf , kt die ade pulak
! siap nangis kat die bile ko break ngn awek ko. EEE , tak ingin lah aku ade kwn cam kau. Padan muke girlf ko slalu tinggal ko. dah tu nak tehengeh kt bestie aku yg dah lame ngn boyf die. memang taklah. lgpun ko buat type die la wey ! tak reti bahase ke kwn aku da ade boyf, yang ko nk jiwang ngn die uh pahal ! get loss la dickhead. KARMA ! what goes around comes around

** A friend i knew in myspace, we got so attach but he backstab me and ditch me over my bestie. thats a real dickhead !

Let The Cat Out of The Bag

The purpose im writing this is not to start a war but to make things crystal clear and relieved the questions marks marked in my heart. I mean no harm, seriously I dont know what i did wrong or any actions that my harm you unconsiously. Or maybe im just being too paranoid. You've been avoiding me the whole year and giving me these shits excuses over and over again. Well, i certainly know u have friends that is in a relationship just like me , but why me ? why are you kicking me to the curb ?. It's like written all over my face saying you are forbid to be friends to communicate in the tiniest way or a huge mole that's making you distaning yourself
. We've been friends for almost 3 years now. Dont give me those buzy shits , cuz im buzy too. We're just friends rite ? i thought we've made it clear the last time. Nuthing less and nuthing more. Just friends. I miss you as a friend not more than that. Im trying to make things as mature as enuff. If solving this face to face i know that will never happen cuz u'll keep giving me reasons. Its like ive done a hugh mistakes that cant be undo or forgiven. I just need to know the plain black and white truth, no more avoiding or hiding. Its time to let the cat out of the bag or else it might hurt the third party. Dido ?gb

Friday, June 26, 2009

Estranged Video Shoot

Okay fine i didnt update tis blog in awhile .buzy la with exams and assignments . apologize okay ?
Well , this week is an interesting week. I had the opporturnity to watch ESTRANGED shooting their latest vid. Wuhuuu. Suppose to be in there but it was kinda late and had to return home. LOL. Poor them , its freaking hot and they have to do it over and over again . Aahaha RICH is kinda funny. I always laugh when he acts . Comedy kinda runs in his veins. LOL , dahlah shorty like me and then wearing this operation clothes with bed slippers. ROFL. That day i laughed like i never laughed before !!

This is my mate Sasha. Her brother is directing fer ESTRANGED. It was SUPER HOT so we sat in the car . Geez , she made me laugh like hell men ! Too much hilarious moments. There's the car breakdown moment , the phne moment , the divider moment , the HON moment ( thts super funny) , there's the carrefour moment, the Fitting room moment , hehe . LOL , too much i tell you . yeah i know my hair has grown , im gonna cut it . LYNN AND JESS ! you guys miss SOOOOOOO damn much man. That day also i fell the staircase , DAMN you flip flop heels !

the Fitting room moment , OPPS , sorry sha . hehe

After seeing them doing their photoshoot , i went to movies with beha , amar , macha , farid , emy. Err , i didnt expect to see emy there . Sooo shock . like wth . Kinda have issues with him. He started it , i was trying to be nice. Not My fault . wateva . i dont fucking care la . i hate guys let it hanging , like ***** only. The TRANSFORMER was nice , but tooo long . it took about 3 hours to finish , DANG!.

Just now just finished my business exam . It was easy peasy not being a bragger but just memorize from the questions he gave . SWEAT -_-" . Only left two papers to go ! Probability & Statistic and Islamic Studies. Gotta go and computising my brand ! HEE.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Strike 2 ! ( Car Clamp )

Here's the prove
DATE: 22 june 2009
VENUE: Ucsi Parking Lot

Previous week , sha's car got clamped
And today , history repeat it self
Well its not really sha's fault
the person said clearly
its okay to park the reserved parking for today
so she parked lah
suddenly ....
that mamat fault lah ><
Oh ya , dah la tgh tension psl islamic studies punye class
It got canceled LAST MINUTE !!
so ma fan one.
Penat penat datang from far
suddenly cancel
We thought the boys were fooling round
till we get to the class ourself
it was true *sigh*
well we really need those laughters
since the tension of finishing our assignment
which is due todayy.
sha , sha , next time u got clamp
wear shades and cap okay ?
so the uncle wont laugh like just now
oh ya , along said that the UCSI is getting richer
becuz of SHA .

Friday, June 19, 2009

Secret benjamin

As like all the other fridays , i have gap bet 12-4 . afta waiting lynn n jess to finish their OA class , we went to secret recipe ! I ordered the kiddies meal and they ordered lunch set. bahahha since my teeth still ache-ing. Yes sha , GIRLS WILL BREAK YOUR HEART . lols.

its red hot tamale , like it ?

Can you believe they charged us for SERVICE charge and GOV tax ? OMG, their service wasnt that really good also . I got my meal the last one . Sheesh. Aha , friday always full with juicy GOSSIPS. and that friday i got my econs result . Sigh . Friday always been a LONG day . Oh ya , the weirdo guy like suddenly come sit behind us in business . like wth ? where's your clan dear ? he's like " you guys never pay attention to me " bahaha , sissy boy . Ure just too weird and kind of stalker . i know la u like sha , always ask her but hello we all in the same class too. Sumetimes u're just plain scary . Yaya no need to brag off bout your marks . cuz u werent honest at the exam time.

after makan , sha got class . me , lynn and jess dont have class till 4 . okay, we're bored and tired. Blame us la for being tired . We've been in the college since 7 sumething in the morning and have class till late in the evening . Why la they like to do the lecturer in the evening , sleepy laa. Sumemore the aircon not AKON sha , super duper high speed. Sumpah sejuk gile . Cant hold a freakin pencil man ! Oh ya , for the first time business was actually FUN . We watched a movie about this BENJAMIN ZANDER. He's a consultant but at the same time he's a conductor . Cool huh ? He give this talk bout business bla bla bla . he's kind of adorable . lol . like Einsten look. RED ALERT ! RED ALERT ! There's another mid term exam for CS ( Computing Studies) sumewhere in july . NEVER underestimate that subject. It is way more complicated that html codings. the recent chapter was like JAW DROPPING . I kinda understand a bit , but still stress me out ! Yaiks , till here then . gotta msn conference thingy. LOLS

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


today , for the second time i went back with shaa . lynn and jesjes follows too. after done discussing our assignments , we went to the car . Okay , like usual start car then unlock the gear . CHECK AND DONE . Now , it only comes to reversing the car . As sha was about to REVERSE i spoke " Sha , wat is that metal doing so close to your car " ? and she was like " oh shit , dekatnye " . then she went off the car and realized that the car was clamp -_-" . Poor sha but at the same time hillarious , no offence . How come u didnt see the " reserved parking" sign ?!! haha . so me and lynn waited inside the car while sha and jes pay off the clamping fine. Just for that 50 bucks flew like a free bird. Ok , done. Then we have to wait for the guard to unclamp the car . VERYYY LONNGGG i tell you . finally , 30 mins later or so the guard came . So big and strong he unclamp the car . but his face was written " haiyaa ,i was eating laa. Who dare disturb my eating time ! " . we thanked him but his face was a bit furious. Poor guard , no peaceful time to eat :PP

Friday, June 12, 2009


Tonight when the clock strikes 12 i'll be turning into half woman and half girl -_-"
Yes , 13th june is my bday
I dont need an alarm clock to remind me that im getting older and older
Yaiks , sooner or later i have to get married and have kids
I like the feeling of that but it scares the hell out of me
Though the number 18 gives you the license to drink and drunk
but a-ah , im not doing those stuff
See , im not those clubbing ,totally drunk girls
Yes , you get me wrong dear .
So ,im your lost . And im glad to be one
Cuz this Miss Independant has grown up and has better things to do then sucking up yourself
Those who did that kind of things are somehow beenneglected
and imma FULL TIME surrounded by love
18 is a fresh starts when the world give a ring
Mailing that the reality just started and hell lot of responsibilities about to be carried
Geez, i gotta get my priorities straight
Im looking foward to these crinkles life
Like mis Jasmine say , its a LONG RUN
LOL , its econs btw.
I know what the hell but it kinda relates, you'll learn
HAHA . I dont wish for grand or luxuries birthday bash or birthday present
Just a simple one
Surrounded by the ones i LOVE yes , LOVE ones not LOVED ones
As in present , today , not so yesterday
I dont need porche or hummer
Cuz those wont make you any younger and only reminds you OLD AGE
Just a golden ticket making my parents and myself proud of me
And accomplishing those DREAMS ive kept

1.My sayangg Zul
3.My sha shi ci
4. Ida
5. kecik (te-ah)
6. Nazie
7. Alin
8. Lynn
9. Diah
10. Jesjes
11. Naim
12. Penyu
13. Mama
14. Ili
15. Ayah
16. Nabila
17. Am
18. Esya
19. Kinah
100. Beha . ( haha , she wanted to be the last)

Slidering and hands on the Baby Grand piano

Since we got nuthing to from 12-4 , we searched for an empty music room and slidered without anyone noticing . LOL . It's been awhile since we entered the music room from our last CAUGHT . Yaiks. Harhar , never get tired of them chasing us around. The one playing the piano is Jesjes , the pink punjabi suit is sasha , the purple tudung is lynn and elyna behind the scene . lol . i know our voice arent that angelic and innocent but hey that's no reason for you to critize . And oh yea , LYYN ! At last we figured those two are OFFICIALLY GAY ! hahaha .

Nah , listen to this . Dont judge a book by its cover . if you like it , just smile or say sumething , if dont just shut the f* up . bahahha . ( ADAM's style)

11 STRAIGHT months

Aha , it started with a hesitation decision but ended with evergreen answer. Seriously , we never expect to be a serious one but hey it is :P . Although we've been thru all the ups and all the downs but we still managed to pull it together , thanks for being so understanding. Well , that's the spices that makes your relationship last long and never die out of boredom. Sorry if ive been such a pain in the ass but you still love me right ? Hee . Lately after the "incident" which im really sorry , we couldnt stay apart . Bahahaha . ... to be continued ( IM IN CLASS . LOLS )

Monday, June 8, 2009

part time babysitter (:

As the school holidays started , my job begins . Taking care of my baby cuzin while he's staying at my house . Weee . What i like the most bout him is when he's angry or he's crying , ill sing twinkle twinkle little star and he immediately stop , LITERALLY ! wahahha . I always feed him over and over again . He ism soo cute . Feel like kicking him in the butt . haha . Tak sabar nak anak , WHOOPS . ;D . His birthday is the same as my dad which is 13th july but 50 years different ! Seriously . He's my new fav cousin . ahahaha . Sumpah geram dgn die

Oh , did i tell you that he likes to chase his own shadows ? how can he be any cuter that than ! Ahah , he'll get confused with his own shadows and started to step on it or run until the shadows are gone ! Can u see his oversize head ? Ahaha , that what makes him heavy but that doesnt change the fact that he's SUPER CUTE ! Oh , he's a water freak ! If we take him to the swimming pool , he'll try and drink the water from his float ! haiyaa , this kid aa . And then when its time to go home , he'll be crying his heart out because we took him out of the pool ! Sheesh . I had fun with him . hehe

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Like every other fridays , we wore bju kurung instead of mini dress like the ADAM's family . thats what we labelled them . Teehee . But saje change the clothing theme . Instead , they all wore checkers and im the only one wearing blue mini dress . Jahat la korang !!! * dish dish* . bahaha . Friday is the MOOOST longest time ive spent at the college , like 8-6. shitty tol . but what to do , gotta get thru it. Tak elok ponteng like SASHA said . sheesh , me and jes didnt wanna go to the computing studies morning class like 8 cuz the its only pre-test which we did yesterday and he CLEARLY said , its okay if u dont wanna come tomorrw . but we did , and he say only "unintelligent" people came . sweat . we came to gain MORE knowlegde . haha . well , i kinda eat A LOT that day . 6.20: left overs nasi goreng kampung , 9.30: nasi goreng and hotdog and vitagen , 12.30 : Big Mac regular , 4.00: waffles , 6.15: nugget. Aha , im hungry laaa guys . Cody was like Im more bigger than you eat chicken dulaxe pun dah kenyang , you eat big mac tak kenyang kenyang ? like wth ? . HEHE . What to do , im an eater :PP . Of course la lapa , from 1.30-3.30 we were laughing like hell !! how am i not suppose to get hungry ? gagagaga . Well , like usual during lecture we pass notes , gossip about hurm ... EVERYTHING ? hehe . sorry , but thats the ONLY way to make us AWAKE . To liyana , jes and sasha ! stop calling me FLUSHIE ! garh , i dont pee every 5 minutes . SHEESH . It was cold !! hahaah . At the same day , my aunty and my baby cuzin came . Weehee . I miss that little fella .

Thursday, June 4, 2009

How to treat a WOMEN (;


Girls think its absolutely adorable when you think
of them. REALLY. It doesn't have to be much. Find
out what their favorite flower is, and buy one for her
and surprise her with it. Flowers are cheap! Girls
like to be reminded how you feel about them too!
Just a simple few lines of "you mean the world to
me" and cute things you two share can do
wonders! (just make sure its not written on a
napkin). Take her to the park and make a picnic,
again cheap but cute.
Never mention money while on a date, it makes
you sound stingy and makes her feel awkward.
You don't always have to pay, but offering once or
twice is cute.
Lay the stars one night and just really
LISTEN to her, you may just fall in love all over
Surprise her with little things. Even a ring out of
those candy machines at a grocery store can be
cute if given in the right way. (You never know what
she keeps)
Call her *BEFORE* she goes to sleep and tell her
you'll be thinking about her as the night
progresses. Tell her you called just to hear her
voice before you fell asleep. Just to say I love you

Take note of what she likes and dislikes.
If she only likes you for your money, then you dont
deserve her. Make it clear in the beginning of the
relationship what your ambitions are, what you
expect, and things that you are looking for.
Communication is the key.
Never lie to her. If you care enough about her to
think up a lie to get yourself out of trouble, just tell
her the truth. Once you're caught, the trust is
broken and it takes a whole lot more effort to
rebuild the trust bond than it is to forget a fight.

Remember, just being with her is good enough for
her. If she really cares about you for you, she'll just
enjoy being in your presence, you dont need
money to hold her hand or whisper in her ear.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Mama !! ((:

The clock strike 12 and HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA ! She officially turns 52 this year . Oh man , since we just got back from bandung last week , i still couldnt get u anything yet cuz of $$$ . Still figuring out wat to buy , she wanted mercedes bentz sports car . Pfft , still couldnt afford it yet . Later eh ma , when i have lotsa lotsa $$. Thanks for being patience with me throught my 18 years of living . Srry for kicking you inside the womb , im hungry la ma . Thats why i kick kick . Hehe. Srry if i had offended you before with my harsh and irrasional action. I love you to death . Hee ;D . Sorry asek habiskan ur money when you're trying to be rich :PP . i know the reasons why u did that for the last two years bcause you were lonesome . Dad was bz with his works and ur children werent home much . I know it was hard for you to let me to go to PLKN cuz u just got be back. Well , im here and not going anywhere i guess. Hee . Sorry to dissapointed you with the spm and not going to the overseas dream. Thanks for being my jogging partner eventhough u quickwalk . haha . no fair mama ! last of all , i love you mama ((: . dont leave me yet okay ?  I still need you. I wish you a prosper and a long long life :P

Freshies AGAIN

I started college 18th May . Late by two weeks . Daymnn . So here it goes again , FRESHIES ! Im currently taking B.A(Hons) in English Language and Communication at the UCSI ,cheras . Bahahah . Lotsa blacks with a super low v necks showing off their busty boobs O.O . * cuci mate* . bahahah . My first day wasnt so bad. i found friends in the figure above ((: . hehe . from left : me , Liyana ; i hate her cuz she always have the cutest themes ! I NAK JUGAK !!! , then its Sha ; she's the kind of friends that helps u no matter what , Jez ; my eating partner ;p stuff stuff . agagaga , then elyna ; i dont really know her very well cuz tak bnyk same class but i got 3 years more . and im feeling that it will be great ! seriously , rugii i tell you .i like my jadual but i hate friday . cuz my class is 8-6 . OMG ! nak balek naek train pun tension , too TOO much people packed like a sardine tin tat i have to breath on their odours and mine too >.< .Sweat . ahah . monday and tuesday kelas petang , 2 till 4 or 5. wednesday && thursdays 8 till afternoon . then balek can sleep . I thought going to college i can shake off a few pounds but since imma bit buzy , i didnt jog for a couple of weeks . daymn ! my boyf pun bising , asek makan je ! Bia laa ! pfft , exam is in two weeks . yaiks ! baru masuk for two weeks dah nk exam lagi 2 weeks . die die . HAVE to study now , to be continued . ((: