Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dummie Burglar

** Its fasting month , durh .At late afternoon today , my neighbours house got robbed . Geez , dont they get stupid enuff ? its fasting month for god sake . They should be begging for forgiveness not make more sins ! They broke into the house thru the window . Apparently the grill at the window is not safe cuz they can cut it . Garh ! The house was upside down . I went and see if my neighbour is okay , well imma good neighbour ( : . later at night around 2 ish , the noise of my house alarm burst till my eye drums can pop ! My house nearly got robbed ! Seriously , im sleepy enuff and who dares to disturb my beauty sleep . My maid heard sume noise just outside her room ! OMG . That's scary . luckily my house has those burgler alarm and stray dogs ! all hail to the stray dogs. And thanks to He for protecting the house . hehehe . House robbery in my place rarely occurs . The police even said it , " Taman sri reko neh jarang ade kes cik " . Well What to do ? Pray to God that you woke up alive the next day . Thank god my room is upstairs, but pity my maid. Since then , mum placed a wisel beside my bed and a hard stick to wack that dude ! Haih , bulan puasa pun ko nak buat keje tekutuk , tak pahamlah .

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Window Washing !

After done my exam business , as usual , i hitchhike shaa to sent me to bts . Lynn followed along ! Sha , stopped at the gas station to pump some gas . She asked me how to use that window washing thingy . so i go and help lahh . They were laughing and snapping pictures ! WALLAWEYH . Well , imma pro ;p .

A Rainy Day

Today my girls planning to study at lynn's house . Ok laa since the next day is business exam. We agreed meeting each other at college around 10.30. Garh . So i set my alarmed 8.00 but my stupid alarm didnt wake me up !! I woke up around 10.30 !! Alamakkk ! Straight away i call lynn , told her i'll be there within one hour. Jeng Jeng Jeng , I arrived at bts within one hour . ngahhahaha .

After picking up jes from college , sha picks me n lynn at lynn's mum's office . ROADTRIP !!! dahla puasa that day , tgk diaorg mkn saba je lah akuu . hmmmm . Okay , here's how the trip went wrong . We decide to leave the house around 3.30 , and we did . As we step out of the house , it started raining HEAVILY !!! DAYMNN !!! . We were soaking wet although using an umbrella , it doesnt works the way it suppose to be !! DAYMNN TWICE ! then , when we got into the car , sha realize her wiper was MISSING !!! DAYMN TRICE !!! . We have to wait for the rain to slow down , and we did ! We transfer the back wiper to the front and CELOTAPE IT ALOT !!! We manage to drive to the nearest workshop but half way , the wiper BROKE !! WALLAAWEY !!

After that , we pick ewan from college cuz he wanted to study probs and stats with me ( ewa, aku tade la terror mane pun ) . We arrived at the office around 5.50 . Lynn's mum is about to close the office . sabaa je lah , puase neh ! then , ewan called haziq to pick me and him from bts . Yeay ! tayah nek tren ! Smpatlah bebuka puasa ngn mama ((: . FUUHH , haziq drive taley bla ! Takuut pun ade but SYIOK . Gotta admit it . he was faaaasstt ! vrooom vrooom . 10 mins dah smpi rumah . Mane taknye , menyelit je keje !.

Jes realized the back window was leaking . SO we had to stuff sume tissue . Poor sha , dahlah wiper hilang , cermin blakang bocor , Ekzos MASUK AIR . poor my sashimi .

well , i had fun that day. Tak terase kelaparan puase ;p

You Let Me Down

** You got black and white busted with me and her . I couldnt believe you would do such massive lies to me . I dont know you anymore . For the past three years ive comfort you were sincere but all those stories u made up,i couldnt believe you anymore . I dont know wether you really love me when we were an item . I thought u're the guy who can be trusted , but i was WRONG , very wrong . you're yelling at me because of ur own fault . People dont lie to their loved ones. They love you for your honesty not some stories you made. Im confused now. I should have believed what my friends said about you when we're still studying at the same school . Im shocked of everything ! I just couldnt believe you lie to me for the past THREE YEARS ! The blog i posted the other day just opened one side of her eyes . You're freaking out cuz the truth is out. Im guiltless cuz what i did was A RITE THING. If not , me and her will be living in a world full of lies. Now, i dont know how much you have lied to me. I cried every night when im with you . You always make me feel im never good enough for you. Maybe the reason you lied is because security and to feel accepted or you dont want people to leave you or you want people to leave you. Everyone is backing me up . I just dont understand , what do you really want out of the lies ?

** dear friends , i really need your advise. What should i do ? Thanks .

Monday, August 10, 2009

Delirious Vortex

This is my A . Im freaking mad at him always have , always been . There's this attitude which ive been hating it forever !! He has no self confidence and always always find the shortest way to solve all of his problems EG: Taking drugs , sleeping pills and cutting himself ( but it was all a lie ! )! For the first few years i can still live up to it , but now it has gone TOO FAR ! It takes me years just to forget him and he still appearing with a plate of troubles and a cup of disaster . After breaking up with him , he ONLY CALLS me when he's about to die , or commit suicide , in an accident or did sumething that i dont like but it was all a lie ! . WTH , god gives u reasons to
live !! why wouldnt u appreciate it ? Im tired of giving you my shoulder , comfortness and advise ! Cuz u're not listening to one of it ! You told me bad things about your girlfriend , but i heard the other way round . For once , dont let your problems take over you , you take over your problems ! Stop running away ~~!! Im tired of your action. Grow up ! I remember the time when u cried regretting for leaving me . And after leaving me , bad things happened to you . U made the decision . I've changed now . Im with zul now , and i love him very much . I thought after you i culdnt find another lover as you , but im wrong I found one . I cant always be there when you need a shoulder to cry on bcuz you're the one who's always do stupid things eventhough ive told you million times . you just couldnt care EVERYONE around you ! Just because of one prob , u dont wanna live . Can you see everyone around you loves you and cares for you ! I just want you to live a normal life , like others . I dont like seeing you in this condition , i know ur strong . it doesnt mean without a girlf in your life you culdnt live . Just have faith in Allah . All these are only test to HIS followers.

ALL this was all lies ! OMG

Unmatured of You

** Your secrets are out and you're still pretending like you did nothing wrong. OMG ~~!!! I couldnt believe you lied to both of us . Telling the other way round to us. What i was saying before was all true. You're the one who's lying to us . u like to make a big deal out of a tiny problem . You just messed with the wrong girl dude ! Im glad i get it straight with her . I finally believed what they've been telling me is all the truth after all. Making excuses and lies doesnt makes u an ideal boyf. People wouldnt love you based on that , honesty is everything . Its okay to be you although its tough being you . How could you say all those things . My feelings towards you just dissappear into thin air * kapoof * ! You can hate me as long as u want , i dont care.